announcing…a hearth slippers KAL!


Good morning from drizzly Seattle! With the return of Seattle’s more typical autumn weather, and the end of daylight savings time, the days are feeling a lot shorter and the desire to remain inside curled up with a good book is getting stronger every day. Consequently, all I want to do is knit myself a pair of Hearth Slippers to up the cozy factor, so it’s good news that Fancy Tiger Crafts and Tolt Yarn and Wool just announced a joint Hearth Slippers KAL!

Both stores have posted about the knitalong on their blogs – you can read the Fancy Tiger post here and the Tolt post here – but I figured I’d share the pertinent details here as well. So here they are:

– The KAL officially runs from November 18th to December 16th

– Both Tolt and Fancy Tiger are offering 15% off supplies for the slippers before the KAL starts (for the Fancy Tiger store your discount code will be “hearthslipperskal” and for the Tolt store the code is “HSKAL214”). The discount is good for both Heirloom Romney yarn and the Fiber Trends suede slipper soles.

– Progress photos and discussion can be shared on social media with the tag #hearthslipperKAL

I’m going to do my best to join in and keep up, but I’ll be traveling for much of the duration of the KAL, so I won’t be making any solid commitments. I’ll be using Fancy Tiger’s Heirloom Romney, of course, and my yarn is pictured above! On the left is my main color, the new Dark Natural colorway, a beautiful undyed dark grey (a bit darker in real life than it looks in the photo). On the right is my contrast, Hubbard. I fell in love with that blue when I chose colors for the original samples and I’m still in love with it. For the third color, which is really more of an accent, I’m pretty sure I’m going to use some red Tomato leftover from the samples, but I’d like to swatch with it first to make sure there will be enough contrast with the dark grey. I think the dark main color will lend my slippers a different mood than the original samples, and I’m looking forward to getting started in a few weeks.

I would encourage everyone thinking of joining in to knit a gauge swatch (in the round) before the KAL officially starts, especially if you’re planning to substitute yarn. I think the Heirloom Romney is the perfect well-wearing wool for slippers, but I also know that not everybody does wool (and sometimes it’s easier to knit from your stash). If you are planning on substituting yarns: Heirloom Romney is heavy for a worsted weight, and a bit of a sticky wool to knit with, so if you sub another worsted weight yarn (especially something like a smooth merino), you may find that your gauge comes out significantly smaller. I would highly recommend swatching with something closer to an aran weight, particularly if your colorwork tends to come out tight without a lot of stretch. Due to the nature of colorwork fabric there tends to be quite a bit of variation in gauge and elasticity from one knitter to another, so it’s important to always swatch!

I hope some of you will join in and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s slippers!

linen & stripes

I almost laughed out loud when Karen’s beautiful Togue stripes popped up in my blog reader today, because I finally have proper photos of my Vasa from the Vasalong. So I, too, am showcasing stripes in Quince & Co. linen. Here it is, folks: my finished Vasa, photographed and all! (Happily, that makes this the final Vasalong post!)

Forgive me for repeating myself if you’ve been following along, but in the interest of writing it up properly: it’s knit in Quince & Co. Sparrow (the five skeins shown in this post), and while initially I was worried I hadn’t bought enough yarn, those tiny hanks go very far. I had four hanks of Juniper and one hank of Little Fern, and while I had very little yarn leftover when I was done, the finished tee is pretty large.

I still haven’t put it through the washer and dryer yet, but I’ve worn it several times already. At this point, the finished dimensions are 25″ wide by about 21-22″ tall (it’s longer at the shoulders, since I’ve been wearing it), which makes it wider than it is tall (!). That’s about a 50″ chest circumference, which is 14″ of positive ease on my 36″ bust. Not everyone will want such a huge, drapey garment (it’s admittedly kind of a tent), but I think it works really well in the linen and gives you a good idea of why I recommend at least 4″ of positive ease in the pattern. 4″ of ease is actually not that much ease. I knit it up on US size 3 needles and the gauge is sitting around 18 stitches and 27 rows per 4″. At this gauge the fabric is quite airy and definitely see-through, so I wear this with a tank underneath.

Here are a few photos to show off the boxy shape and fabric quality:

It’s knit flat and seamed, as written in the pattern, but I did make two modifications: I picked up stitches and knit sleeve borders in garter stitch, binding off in the CC, and I only knit 14 stripes instead of 15. I’m pretty pleased with the garter stitch sleeve borders, even if I barely had enough yarn left to eke them out.

My favorite part of the whole Vasalong was definitely seeing everyone else’s Vasas in progress, though. Especially everyone’s mods! I loved the creativity! A few favorites:


This one comes from Ines in Belgium, and I love the effect of the one dotted line stripe. So cool!

I loved Tien’s bright scalloped stripe version! Clever use of stranded colorwork to such nice effect (and I love the colors). You can check out the inside of it, strands and all, here.

I loved this photo of Sibhie, wearing the Vasa she knit for the Vasalong, knitting another Vasa, and to top it all off that’s the Vasa Museum in Stockholm behind her in the background. The most epic Vasa photo there will ever be:

Ash got creative when faced with yarn limitations, and mixed up the stripe sequence (and I love it):

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all of the stripes, all of the stripes 🎶 #tttkal #vasalong

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You can check out the rest of the Vasa projects on Ravelry here, and huge thanks once again to all of the Vasalong participants!

vasalong: results & the winners!

June 6th marked the last day and deadline for the Vasa KAL, so I gathered all the finished entries over the weekend, and today I randomly drew two winners!

First, I drew for the two skeins of Road to China Light: congratulations, Tien! And then I drew for the issue of Extra Curricular: congratulations, Ines! I’ll be getting in touch with you both about getting your prizes to you. (Tien blogged her beautiful version here, and you can see Ines’s on Ravelry!)

I’m also hoping to do a post showcasing several of the finished Vasas, because you all made some super creative mods and I love all the different versions!

In the meantime, I’ll share my own (barely finished) Vasa! It’s not truly finished, but this is where I got to by the end of Friday night; knitting finished & seams mostly sewn, but no ends woven in at all:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’ve now finished the seams, and I still plan to pick up stitches around the sleeves and work a few rounds of garter stitch to finish off the sleeves a little bit more nicely. The edges are curling a lot more on this one than they did on my original – perhaps a combination of the different fiber and my gauge. This one has quite a bit of positive ease, as well! I haven’t measured it for finished dimensions, but once I’ve properly finished it and thrown it through the washer and dryer, I’ll measure it, measure the gauge again, and share some real photos.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Vasalong, and if you’re still working on your Vasa, feel free to keep using the #vasalong tag! I’m still following along and I love seeing everyone’s different versions!

vasalong ends this friday!


I can barely believe my eyes, but the calendar’s telling me it’s already June, which means that the Vasalong (the Vasa KAL) ends this Friday! That’s my own unfinished Vasa in Quince & Co. Sparrow pictured above – I’m sitting at around the 75% point, so I’ve got some knitting to do if I’m going to finish on time! Several of you have already finished your versions and shared them, and I LOVE seeing all the modifications you’re making! If you haven’t finished yet, here’s a quick reminder of the different ways you can share your Vasa that will automatically enter you to win one of the prizes (you only need to do one of these to be entered):

– Post a photo of your finished Vasa to Twitter or Instagram with the tag #vasalong
– Tag the project page of your finished Vasa on Ravelry with the tag vasalong
– Share your finished Vasa on the Paper Tiger Facebook page

If you do this by the end of Friday, June 6th (Pacific Standard Time), you’ll be entered into the prize drawing! And for a reminder of what you could win:


On the left: Issue #14 of Extra Curricular Magazine, my favorite independent magazine for creative folk

On the right: Two skeins of The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light in Dark Amythest

These are a few of my favorite things, and I can’t wait to send them off to lucky winners next week.

If you have any last minute questions, feel free to post them in the comments! You can always check out the original post with guidelines right here. To those of you working on finishing up by Friday: good luck!

vasalong: the prizes!

If you complete a Vasa and share it in one of the ways mentioned in the guidelines posted here, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the prizes featured in this post! I’ll be using a random number generator to assign numbers and randomly draw winners after the deadline, June 6th.

Prize #1: Two skeins of The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light in Amythest Dark


Road to China Light became one of my favorite yarns immediately after I first worked with it. It’s a super luxe blend of baby alpaca, silk, cashmere, and camel – so it’s very, very soft. It’s a sport weight yarn and each 50g skein contains 159 yards. If you’ve never used this yarn before, trust me: it glows. You will love it.

Prize #2: Issue 14 of Extra Curricular Magazine


I discovered Extra Curricular on a trip to New Zealand last year (and I’ve mentioned it before on this blog), and it continues to be one of my very favorite independent publications. Every issue features a range of creative folk, both hobbyists and professionals, and it’s very much focused on the Aussie and Kiwi creative scenes. Issue 14 is the latest issue, the Wild & Free issue for autumn-winter 2014 (as a New Zealand publication, they’re of course heading out of summer and into autumn at the moment!). I’m a subscriber but I probably would have bought this issue for the cover illustration alone! There’s an article inside about the cover’s illustrator, Emma Wiesenekker, as well as pieces on a ukelele maker, a wholefood blogger, a graphic designer, and a freelance cheat sheet, just to name a few. Get ready to get inspired.

So there you have it! Check in with the Vasalong guidelines if you haven’t cast on yet but you’d like to, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s different versions of Vasa!

Other #vasalong posts:
– yarn!: my yarn choice for the Vasalong
– a few of my favorite Vasa mods

vasalong: a few of my favorite vasa mods

I haven’t forgotten that I promised to share a few of my favorite modifications knitters have made to their versions of Vasa! I’ve singled out two versions and I’m including Ravelry links to several others.

First up is this lovely version from Ravelry user kouvive. She knit hers in cotton yarn and made several modifications to the written pattern. She broke up the stripe sequence by adding a third color, and I love the effect.


Other mods she made include knitting the body in the round to the armholes, adding garter stitch ridges to the sleeve openings (a nice alternative to picking up stitches to add an armhole border!) and across the top at the shoulder, and adding length to the tee. You can see the garter stitch detail a little bit better in this photo:


Such a beautiful version in such lovely pastels! She left notes on her project page, but they’ll probably only be useful if you can read Japanese. This is also the case for the second FO I wanted to feature, by Ravelry user tsumiyo:


I love the neutral colors! She added quite a lot of length to the top, but didn’t continue the stripe sequence, so the effect is akin to that of Breton stripes. I think the effect of the extra length is quite nice, and between that and tsumiyo’s color choices, I think this version’s very chic. You can view the project page (with notes in Japanese) here.

Other modified versions that are worth mentioning:

– Sylvie’s colorblocked Vasa hearts, worked in the round to the underarm and featuring stranded knitting

– Hiromi’s fresh grey and white Vasa, with a totally different stripe sequence

– jostrong’s linen VASA, an excellent example of how your choice of fiber affects the finished garment (beyond substituting yarn, I don’t believe jostrong made any mods). Look at that drape!

I’ve cast on for my own Vasa in the Quince & Co. Sparrow pictured in the last post, and I’m making good progress already. It’s a soothing project to pick up and put down whenever I have time to knit a few rows; the stripe sequence helps me keep my place and track my progress without having to take any notes, which I love. And I’m really loving the color combination, which is quite different from my original sample.

There’s still time to cast on and join the KAL, if you’re thinking about it! You can go back and check out the original Vasalong post with guidelines here: a vasalong!

vasalong: yarn!

I received an exciting parcel over the weekend; my yarn arrived for the Vasalong! I decided I wanted a lighter alternative to my original merino version, so I opted for some lovely linen: Sparrow by Quince and Co. It seems a little crazy to say it, but this is the first time I’ve ordered anything by Quince and Co., so I’m really looking forward to working with it. I’m using Juniper as my main color and Little Fern for the stripes. The muted tones of Sparrow are pretty dreamy.

If you’re interested in using linen but want something a little more saturated in color than Sparrow, I think Shibui Linen might be a good option, and of course I’d welcome other suggestions!

I’m planning to cast on this week, and I think the only mod I’m going to make is a little bit of sleeve opening detail – perhaps picking up stitches for a few rounds of ribbing, or maybe garter stitch? I’m not entirely sure yet, but as it’s knit from the bottom up, I have time to make up my mind. In the next Vasalong posts, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite mods as well as the prizes you’ll be entered to win if you finish by June 6th! There’s still plenty of time to join in if you’re thinking about it, and you can read up on the guidelines here.

a vasalong!

I have one more post to share on Reykjavik, but before I do, I wanted to get going on something I’ve been planning for this spring. As the weather’s started to turn warmer (or not, depending on where you live), it’s clear knitter’s minds are turning to spring and summer! The biggest indication of this is that in the past month or two, my little striped Vasa tee has crept back up to being one of my top sellers! So, what does this mean?

It’s time for a Vasa knit-along! Or, as I’ve dubbed it (with Cirilia’s help), a Vasalong!


Whether you’ve never knit a garment or you have a closet full of handknit sweaters, this is a great time of year to embark on a tee like this. Depending on your fiber and color choice, this is an incredibly versatile little knit with lots of room for modifications. I’ll be showcasing some of the existing modifications that knitters have made to their Vasa tees in the next Vasalong post, but for now, a little bit more about how the Vasalong will work:

I like a KAL that’s pretty open and fluid, without too many restrictive rules, but I know that it can be helpful for folks to have some guidelines. So, here’s what I’ve got, with some follow-up questions below.


1. The official start date will be April 6th (today) and the official end date will be June 6th. To be eligible for prizes (yes, there will be prizes!), you’ll need to complete your Vasa and tag it or share it (see below) by the end of the day on June 6th in your own time zone.

2. To participate in the Vasalong, be sure to tag projects and posts with the tag #vasalong. I’ll be checking this tag on RavelryTwitter, and Instagram. You can also post about your progress in the comments on this blog, or on the Paper Tiger Facebook page. There are plenty of ways to participate!

3. If you complete your Vasa on or before June 6th, be sure to share it with the appropriate tags in one of the ways mentioned above so I’ll see it! (If you share it here on the blog or on the Facebook page, there’s not need to worry about tags.) This will enter you for the prize drawing.

4. In honor of the vasalong, Vasa will be $1 off on Ravelry for the duration of the KAL. Get it while it’s hot! The $1 discount is automatically applied at checkout.


1. I want to participate in the vasalong but I’ve already started a Vasa tee! Will I still be eligible for prizes? Yes! The start date is just a formality, so if you already have a Vasa on the needles you can still enter it as long as you finish by June 6th.

2. I’d love to join in the vasalong but I’m not sure I can finish by June 6th. Can I still join the KAL? Yes! You may not be eligible for prizes, but it’s totally okay to keep knitting past the end date. The more the merrier, we’d love to have everyone join in!

3. What is this I hear about prizes? These aren’t locked down yet, but there WILL be prizes! More on that in a future post. UPDATE: You can read about the prizes here!

4. Do I have to knit the pattern to the letter, or can I make modifications? Please, make modifications! I love to see the creativity of knitters. Want to work it in the round instead of flat? Go for it! Want to change the stripe sequence? Awesome! Want to omit the stripes altogether and chart your own intarsia? Still counts! Adding sleeves? Totally! Just as long as you’re using Vasa for the base, you’re good to go.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in the comments!

Some of my fellow Nordic nerds may have already picked up on this, but Vasa’s name comes from a famous Swedish warship. It’s for this reason that I picked our end date, June 6th, as that’s the National Day of Sweden! I’ll be joining in and knitting my own Vasa tee for the vasalong, but I haven’t picked out my yarn yet. My original uses Tosh Merino Light, but I think I’d love to try a lighter cotton or linen version this time. What yarn will you be using?