vasalong: a few of my favorite vasa mods

I haven’t forgotten that I promised to share a few of my favorite modifications knitters have made to their versions of Vasa! I’ve singled out two versions and I’m including Ravelry links to several others.

First up is this lovely version from Ravelry user kouvive. She knit hers in cotton yarn and made several modifications to the written pattern. She broke up the stripe sequence by adding a third color, and I love the effect.


Other mods she made include knitting the body in the round to the armholes, adding garter stitch ridges to the sleeve openings (a nice alternative to picking up stitches to add an armhole border!) and across the top at the shoulder, and adding length to the tee. You can see the garter stitch detail a little bit better in this photo:


Such a beautiful version in such lovely pastels! She left notes on her project page, but they’ll probably only be useful if you can read Japanese. This is also the case for the second FO I wanted to feature, by Ravelry user tsumiyo:


I love the neutral colors! She added quite a lot of length to the top, but didn’t continue the stripe sequence, so the effect is akin to that of Breton stripes. I think the effect of the extra length is quite nice, and between that and tsumiyo’s color choices, I think this version’s very chic. You can view the project page (with notes in Japanese) here.

Other modified versions that are worth mentioning:

– Sylvie’s colorblocked Vasa hearts, worked in the round to the underarm and featuring stranded knitting

– Hiromi’s fresh grey and white Vasa, with a totally different stripe sequence

– jostrong’s linen VASA, an excellent example of how your choice of fiber affects the finished garment (beyond substituting yarn, I don’t believe jostrong made any mods). Look at that drape!

I’ve cast on for my own Vasa in the Quince & Co. Sparrow pictured in the last post, and I’m making good progress already. It’s a soothing project to pick up and put down whenever I have time to knit a few rows; the stripe sequence helps me keep my place and track my progress without having to take any notes, which I love. And I’m really loving the color combination, which is quite different from my original sample.

There’s still time to cast on and join the KAL, if you’re thinking about it! You can go back and check out the original Vasalong post with guidelines here: a vasalong!

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