wool people 7 / hoquiam


It is an exciting day in the knitting world: Brooklyn Tweed release day! I am thrilled to once again have a pattern in the latest collection in their guest designer series, Wool People. We’re up to Volume 7 now, which is full of some insanely wonderful sweaters (I’m already lusting after DevlanYane, and Seine) and a few accessories. Before I go on you should take a minute to go peek at the look book here, if you haven’t already. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Are you back? Okay, now I can tell you a little bit about my pattern, Hoquiam. It is one of my favorite constructions: a seamless infinity scarf (or cowl, if you like), knit in the round as a tube, with the ends grafted together. I’ve made good use of this construction before (example oneexample two). As written, it’s long enough to loop around your neck twice, but you can also wear it long to show of the cable and lace textures (and it would be easy to knit a shorter or longer version if desired!).


Hoquiam came from a desire to combine cables and lace, and the motifs I chose for the two widest panels – the seed stitch medallions and pairs of leaves – are motifs I haven’t seen used very much of late. Once blocked, these run down either side of the cowl, framed by columns of cables. You can wear either side facing out. Looped twice around your neck, it’s quite cozy.

Hoquiam uses Brooklyn Tweed’s worsted weight, Shelter. The sample is knit in Hayloft, a bright pop of color in the collections largely muted palette. There are so many colors of Shelter I would love to knit this in, but at the top of my list are probably Snowbound, Sweatshirt, and Button Jar. Fossil would give it a very fisherman’s sweater feeling, and Embers would be wonderfully autumnal for those of you in the southern hemisphere. You get the idea… many, many possibilities here!

Hoquiam can be purchased via Ravelry or at brooklyntweed.com. We hope you like the collection.

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