I’ve been working on something behind the scenes recently, and I’m so excited these are finally ready to go: I now have hard copies of Paper Tiger patterns available for wholesale! If you work at a local yarn store and you’re interested in carrying these or you want to know more, shoot an email to wholesale (at) and I’ll make sure you get the line sheet. If you don’t work at a store but you’d love to be able to purchase these at your LYS, let them know!

I’m very happy with the quality of these patterns and I hope you all like them too. They’re all either 4-page or 8-page booklets, printed in high-quality full color, with heavier paper stock used for the covers. That makes for sturdy little booklets, which is quite nice. What I’m most excited about is that every pattern includes a unique digital download code you can use to download a PDF version of the pattern at no extra cost. So purchasing a paper copy of the pattern means you get both versions – paper and PDF! You may be familiar with this model if you’ve purchased a hard copy of Pom Pom Quarterly, or if you buy vinyl records. The download codes are located on the inside front cover and can be redeemed via Ravelry. If you purchased Vasa at the Tea Cozy or you purchased one or more patterns from my booth at Knit Fit!, see my postscript below.

At this moment, I’ve got the five patterns from Paper Tiger Fall/Winter 2013 as well as my bestseller Vasa available. While I love the ease of digital files, I’m a sucker for a beautifully printed publication, so I’m incredibly happy to finally have these on offer. Please do shoot me an email at wholesale (at) if you’re interested.


*Postscript: If you previously purchased a paper copy of a Paper Tiger pattern, there was no download code included. I’d love to be able to offer free digital downloads to customers who purchased early paper copies, so if you’d like to have a PDF version as well, send me an email at dianna (at) and let me know: 1) when and where you purchased the pattern, and 2) what your Ravelry username is.

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