fall/winter 2013: acorn teeth

Wrapping up my posts on Paper Tiger Fall/Winter 13, we’ve got Acorn Teeth! I’m sure these mitts look familiar to some of you, since the first version of this pattern was released about a year ago. The original pattern featured a large 70-stitch-wide chart for the whole mitt and only came in one size, so I decided to overhaul it for the collection. I simplified the chart, which is now just a 12-stitch repeat, added two more sizes as some knitters had fit issues, and the pattern’s been fully tech edited for the first time.

The original samples were knit with a Hungarian yarn, Barka, and the specific line has been discontinued (which makes me very sad, because my brown/grey pair has held up better than anything I’ve ever knit, and they’ve seen a lot of wear. That yarn was fantastic). I chose Zitron Lifestyle to work up the new sample, which reflects the chart changes in the pattern. This yarn’s pretty similar to the Barka yarn I originally worked with, though there are differences in fiber content. Zitron Lifestyle is a superwash merino, billed as a sport weight (though it could mass for a fingering weight), knit at a dense gauge here for extra warmth and stability.

In hindsight, I wish I’d picked two contrasting colors that weren’t quite so close in color, but these mitts were a hit at Knit Fit, so I guess it doesn’t take away from the design too much! One of my favorite things about Acorn Teeth is that it uses three colors (although never more than two per round), and the finished knits look so different depending on your color choice. It’s a world of opportunity.

If you plan to substitute yarn, I’d recommend a smooth yarn over a rougher wool that might grab more because of the dense gauge. Also because of the dense gauge, swatching’s especially important here. Not sure what to do with your swatch? If you don’t want to unravel it, I’ve found that swatches for socks and mittens worked in the round make pretty fantastic cup cozies, which’ll save you needing a cardboard sleeve for your take-away coffee.

If you bought the first version of Acorn Teeth on Ravelry, you should have received a notification that a new version was available for you to download (if not, please let me know!). If you’re new to this pattern, the PDF version is available along with a full list of details including yarn and needle requirements on the Ravelry page for Acorn Teeth.

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