acorn teeth

I’m super happy to announce the release of my new knitting pattern, Acorn Teeth. I worked up the first pair (the brown and grey pair shown below) a year ago in Hungary, and I’ve finally had time to sit down and write up the pattern. Right now, the pattern is available for purchase on ravelry, and you can find the pattern page here.

This pattern is a great way to learn some new skills, though the fine gauge might make it easier for colorwork veterans. If you’re familiar with stranded colorwork, the vikkel braids across the top of the mitts might be a new skill. Whether you’re learning new skills or practicing old ones, the final product is highly customizeable with yarn and color choices.

My two sample pairs are both worked up in Hungarian yarns from Barka, but as I don’t expect most folks to be able to track those down (or order from the Hungarian-only website), I’ve recommended a light sport weight or fingering weight yarn for these mitts. My aim with the two pairs was to show off how different a product you can get based on color choice. The brown pair and the blue pair both share two yarns and differ only on one (brown or blue), but I switched the color assignment on the blue pair for a really different feeling.

I’m very proud to finally be sending this one out into the world, and I’ll be releasing more patterns in the coming months. Happy knitting!

(Special thanks to my friend Kathleen Tarrant for helping out with the photoshoot for this pattern, both modeling and shooting.)

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