The semester started, and things got busy. There were a couple of weeks where there was suddenly a lot to do – campus was full of people again, my PhD to-do list grew rapidly, we moved apartments (from one temporary place to another, for now), and there was plenty outside of all of that to keep us busy too. There wasn’t a lot of knitting during those weeks, but we’re starting to settle in now a little bit. And I have managed to finish a project or two.


One of them is my Granskog tee which I finished a couple of weeks ago! Sadly I did not make it to Oslo Knitting Festival this year – this pattern was designed by Renata Yerkes for this year’s festival magazine – but I know I’ll make it back at some point. I made a few minor modifications to mine, which can be found on my Ravelry project page along with yarn info and other details. While I love the bright green color of this yarn from Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik, I initially wasn’t totally sure if I was going to be able to pull it off. But I quite like it! This is the fourth green garment I’ve finished this year, so 2019 definitely seems to be the year of the green sweater for me.

I’ve gotten to wear it several times, which I’m grateful for, because the weather is starting to feel distinctly autumnal in Trondheim (although I can’t get over how much later autumn comes here compared with Tromsø) and I’m realizing how many of my warmer sweaters are going to be in storage until November, when we’ll be moving into our new long-term home. Warmer projects are quickly going to become a priority.


For now, though, I’m continuing to enjoy the shift in the seasons in a new place again. As the evenings grow darker earlier, I’m looking forward to the peak of autumn foliage (only a few trees have started changing so far), and a part of me is really looking forward to the Norwegian winter again (although I’m glad it’s still a couple of months away). There is nothing quite like a Norwegian landscape covered in snow in the blue light that comes with the dark season.

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  1. Just arriving on this site. I love all things Norway, cooking & travel programs, knitting, wool. Twice visited Oslo, on business, years ago, and have been in love 😍 ever since. I’m hoping to visit again (longer than 3-4 days) when things settle down a bit. Btw, I was there in December…I remember de-planing on the tarmac & walking into the terminal; eating breakfast when it was still dark (8 am); walking along the waterfront and sampling herring every-which-way (aspic, sour cream, mustard); walking along a street that was a sea of pure Christmas, tiny white lights strung in every shop & draped on every tree like crowns on dancing fairies; the shops were of unfinished wood with spectacular glass wall storefronts. Above all, I remember the warmth and friendliness of the Norwegian people, their glowing smiles and that brief little hesitation in their voices when speaking. Next visit…I won’t be on business & hope to explore the vast beauty of Norway…all of it!

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