pom pom 8 & cookies


The spring issue Pom Pom has been winging its way to subscribers all over the world this past week. Mine showed up yesterday, and I’m pleased as punch to once again be a contributor! One of my favorite things to do if I’m not knitting is baking, and I’ve been nerding out a little bit because this is the first time I’ve had a recipe of my own published. When the spring call for submissions went out, it was clear that botanicals were going to be a theme in this issue, and it felt like the perfect fit for the chocolate bergamot cookie recipe I’d been working on.


Bergamot is the citrus that gives Earl Grey tea its flavor, and I have to admit I have a pretty big soft spot for it. The recipe uses the essential oil, and while I purchased mine at Dandelion Botanical Company here in Seattle, my local grocery store also carries it (you’re more likely to find it in the herbal remedies section among the other essential oils than you are near any baking supplies). Essential oils are potent, so the recipe only takes a few drops, and the smallest bottle you can find will be more than enough for many batches of cookies.

These cookies have become my go-to recipe if I need to whip up a dessert, because they’re relatively quick and easy. I like them plain, and I also like them with dark chocolate chips if I’m in the mood for something extra decadent.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the spring Pom Pom for yourself, it’s available on the Pom Pom site here (the digital version is coming soon).

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