monday inspiration

It’s a rainy Monday here in Seattle, but the rain is amping up the cozy vibes, since I’m laid up on the couch under a wool blanket (feeling pretty under the weather today). I finished my Faire du Vélo bike sweater last week, and I hope to grab some photos soon, but as that clearly won’t be happening today, I thought I’d share a few beautiful things I’m feeling inspired by instead…

31d497379c6ae97e-yarn_pyramid_clip_vignettePhoto courtesy Karen Templer

Karen Templer of Fringe Association introduced her lovely Yarn Pyramid print a few days ago, available from Fringe Supply Co. here. Using the idea of the oldschool Food Pyramid, Karen’s created (along with the help of a few talented friends) a Yarn Pyramid with recommended doses of different types of fibers, from sheep’s wool building the foundation at the bottom to synthetic fibers at the very top (“use sparingly”). The posters are 16″x20″ and letterpress-printed, so I bet they’re gorgeous in person. Any fiber enthusiast would be happy to hang this on their wall, myself included.

I also wanted to share a rather unique pattern I came across while browsing my recommended pattern highlights on Ravelry. Kieran Foley’s Sari completely took my breath away. I’ve never seen a pattern quite like this:

12b2c46d0c64be92-sari_03_medium2Photo copyright Kieran Foley

Inspired by Indian embroidery and filigree patterns, Kieran’s made use of Erica Heftmann’s beautiful colorshiftyarn to create the contrasting gradients. The combination of stranded colorwork, intarsia, and lace knitting makes this stole unlike any knit piece I’ve ever seen before. It’s an amazing marriage of pattern and yarn.

f49906a107381804-sari_flat_medium2Photo copyright Kieran Foley

Kieran’s Sari pattern is available on Ravelry here, and there’s also a kit available with the necessary yarn if you wanted to create your own version of the sample (the pattern is not included in the yarn kit). Get the yarn kit here. You can see more of Kieran’s work at his website,

I also want to say thank you for all the wonderful feedback I’ve received on my new designs. It’s been difficult to keep everything under wraps for the past few months: the collection, Pom Pom, Brooklyn Tweed, but it’s a joy to finally share all that work with the world and I couldn’t be happier with the reception. Every kind word, comment, rav favorite/queue, and of course, pattern purchase, means the world to me. A heartfelt thank you to you all.

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