a visit to skacel

This blog is quietest when I am at my busiest behind the scenes. I have so many patterns lined up for release this fall and winter, which means I’ll have a ton to share in two or three months, but not so much to share just this moment. I have a few patterns being published with third parties, which is exciting on its own, but I’ve also been hard at work on my fall/winter collection. The collection will include knitting patterns for both garments and accessories, and I’m incredibly excited about it! It’s an immense amount of work but I love the process of creating it.

Paper Tiger Fall/Winter 2013 will feature a variety of yarns, but three of the patterns will be worked up with yarns distributed by Skacel Collection. This meant I got to go visit the Skacel office and ogle some yarns in person, and creative director Cirilia made sure I left with a binder full of shade cards to aid me in my yarn-choosing decisions. I didn’t have my real camera on hand, but I was able to grab a few iPod shots.




As a bonus, visiting Skacel meant I got to see the pieces from The Fiber Factor challenges 1 and 2 in person! I’m still daydreaming of knitting myself a Hillcrest sweater…

I’ll have more to share about Paper Tiger Fall/Winter 2013 very soon!

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