sunny sample knitting

Instagram photos are a poor excuse for blogging, I know, but on a sunny day like this in Seattle it was too hard not to take my work outside. Fortunately for me, I knocked out a bunch of bookkeeping/business-end work I needed to get done in the morning, so I had a chance to get outside and do some sample knitting in the sunshine for a design I’ve been working on.

It’s pretty hard to beat Seattle in the springtime! The top two photos are my own (I’m @cakeandvikings on Instagram) and the bottom one is by my friend Kathleen. For those of you who are stuck underneath fresh snow and wishing for warmer temperatures, I hope these photos give you something to look forward to. Seattle will probably be shrouded in a thick chilly mist from April to June, so we’ve got to get out and enjoy nice weather when we get the chance.

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