• inspiration: EF language programs

    It's not terribly often that my interests in art/design and linguistics/language teaching overlap, but here's a case where they have quite beautifully. EF language programs put together a series of videos advertising their "live the language" approach to language learning. The entire team that worked on these did a stunning job - the photography on its own is gorgeous, but it's the typography here that really won me over. Type done well says more than many other aspects of design can do. Watch their video for French below, and be sure to check out their others for Spanish, English, and Chinese.

  • on hand lettering

    In a world dominated by almost infinite type, the art of hand lettering has lost some of the prevalence it once held. From time to time it's possible to become disenchanted with even your most favorite typefaces (I am certainly guilty of this) - the uniformity becomes overbearing. The uniqueness of handmade lettering helps it escape that fate, but the best hand lettering doesn't look "handmade," either. When someone compliments my lettering by saying that they "love the font," I consider it a job well done. I have focused increasingly on hand lettering in my work in the past few years, and I recently got a chance to put my skills into action for some larger projects.

    In December, Red Kettle Records approached me about doing some lettering for the album artwork of the then-upcoming Youth Rescue Mission album. In the end my lettering made it onto not just the front cover, but also the back, for the track titles.

    Another project that came up was for my friend Sarah Jurado. Having managed her husband Damien's career for some time, Sarah announced early this year that she would also be managing the band Viva Voce and launching Lightness Management to cover her managing duties. Sarah asked me to create a logo for this new venture, and I was more than happy to oblige. The end product is a little sleeker than the Youth Rescue Mission work, but they both started off as pencil sketches on paper. There's something deeply satisfying about that process, and I'm looking forward to doing more lettering like this on future projects.

  • notes from home & doe bay

    Here's a project I am very proud to be a part of: Notes from Home

    Notes from Home in the simplest of terms is a house show series. The shows take place in living rooms in and around Seattle. The audio is multi-tracked live. Photographers are invited to come shoot the show. And a few songs of each set are recorded to video by Tyler Kalberg and Dylan Priest. Now that the site is up and running, you can listen to (and download!) that audio, you can look at the photos, and you can watch the videos. It's pretty incredible.

    I was lucky to design both the logo and do the majority of the type work for the site and videos. I'm very, very happy with how it's all come out and I couldn't be more proud of Tyler, Dylan, and Zach for putting this all together.

    I also helped organize show #3, with Damien Jurado, John Vanderslice, and Colin Reynolds. I sang with Jurado and Vanderslice, and one of my songs with Vanderslice made it into the video section. You can watch that here (it's the second song of three, but you should watch the whole thing):

    I also mentioned a few posts back that I sang with Vanderslice at Doe Bay Fest on Orcas Island this past August. We filmed a Doe Bay Session for Northwest music blog Sound on the Sound (also shot by Tyler Kalberg), and here's the result of that: