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  • hello from norway

    Soon I'll be sharing photos of a few of my favorite finished Vasas as promised, but I've been packing, traveling, and fighting off jetlag, so it'll still be a few days, I'm afraid! I arrived in Oslo on Tuesday and I'm here for the summer, taking an intensive Norwegian language course at the International Summer School at the University of Oslo. I'm also hoping to set aside some time for a little bit of Norwegian textiles research, and if I'm really lucky, I'll be visiting Annemor Sundbø's studio in Setesdal at some point. I'm excited to explore resources that are harder to find or unavailable in the States, and this includes visiting lots of museums. 

    For now, I'm just settling in and trying to keep a steady sleep schedule as I start to explore my new neighborhood in Oslo. It's an area where I haven't stayed before, and I love the process of exploring a new neighborhood, finding the most awesome things tucked away on side streets. Norway in the summer is pretty hard to beat.