• home again

    After a year abroad, on the move, traveling and teaching, I'm back home in Seattle.

    I'm very happy to be home, and I've been getting the new Paper Tiger studio set up and running, which is very exciting! I already have some projects in the works, and you can expect to see more new stuff in this space very soon.

    In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few photos from my walk yesterday. My work right now leans way toward the running-the-business end of Paper Tiger, and my days are spent sitting at my desk more often than not. In an effort to get out and be active, I've been setting aside time for long walks. Yesterday I took a walk through the Ballard Locks and Discovery Park. One of the things I missed most about Seattle when I was living in Hungary was its proximity to so much natural beauty; we are spoiled by our views of the sound and the mountains surrounding us.

    Discovery Park is a little piece of nature (or a rather large one, really) in the middle of Seattle, a place where a few steps away from the parking lot you forget how near the roads and houses truly are, because it feels like you've stepped into the middle of nowhere. The presence of a few paved access roads and the other people enjoying the park are some of the only reminders that you're still within the city limits. It is a favorite spot.

    Both the park and the Locks were good places to catch glimpses of autumn creeping into Seattle (particularly the Locks).

    I'll be sharing my new projects here very soon, but until then I plan to keep sharing photos. From daily walks, from this last year's travels, from anything that seems fit to share. I'll leave you with this photo of a salmon in the fish ladder at the Locks. More soon!