• photo assisting for kyle johnson / the portland mercury

    Last month fellow Seattleite (and rad photographer) Kyle Johnson shot the spring fashion shoot for the Portland Mercury, and I went down to Portland with him to photo assist. I always love a trip to Portland, and I'm a huge fan of Kyle's photos, so I figured it would be a fun time and a good experience. I wanted to share a few images from that day because even though we pulled it off in the end, it was a little bit more of an adventure than any of us were expecting. We started off the day like this:

    "Unnamed Rd." Consider this foreshadowing. Twenty minutes later, we found ourselves in this:

    That's snow on the ground. In May. Now, this was up on a mountain, but we quickly realized we weren't going to do a spring fashion photoshoot up here in the snow. The theme of the shoot was "open season" which meant the feel was supposed to be woodsy/hunting and there were going to be models holding guns as props. So we made the best of it and the one thing we did do up on that snowy mountaintop was shoot up the Portland Mercury sign you see in the photo at the top of this post (or, more precisely, Jay did all the shooting). The only shooting I did was photos.

    Aside from the water droplets on my lens, those photos make it really hard to tell that there was still snow coming down from the sky. At any rate, we went back down the mountain and ended up shooting (photos) down by the river. You can check out the whole spread with Kyle's photos here (scroll down and click on "slideshow"). Until the next adventure, I've got these photos to remember it by.