• urban craft uprising, day 2

    Day two of UCU was just as fun as the first - and today I had my wallet with me. I went with my friend Jess and James at 11am this time, when the fair opens, and much to my surprise, we were close enough to the front of the line to get swag bags! The goodies inside were totally rad, too. The combined contents of mine and James' bags:

    1. Handmade vegan soaps, Estrella Soaps
    2. Bottlecap pin from Tami Potts
    3. Handmade glass bead, Hammer and Torch
    4. Selected buttons, Creation Station
    5. Gorgeous forest green ribbon from Midori Ribbon
    6. Little sheep (!) pouch, Maluhia Designs
    7. Needlework scissors from Pacific Fabrics & Crafts
    8. Fabric buttons from Laura Bucci
    9. Mega-super-adorable blue gingham buttons from Midori Ribbon
    There was also a headband from Texture but I forgot to throw it in the photo (whoops!).

    Pretty incredible freebies, to be honest. UCU does it right. And as for my purchased goods...

    I'd say I did okay! In the back is a gorgeous print from favorite Jill Bliss. Also pictured: an adorable card from Sycamore Street Press ("Great job on that thing you did, really super!"), some iron-on patches and a wooden button from R and L, and a DAVID BOWIE NECKLACE! from Fable & Fury.

    And as I mentioned, I collect a big stack of business cards as I go along, and you can see a few of the favorite vendors I've written about tucked in there:

    And speaking of favorite vendors, here's a few more additions to the list I started yesterday:

    Locket 2 You
    These lockets were both adorable and amazing, and the folks are super nice. They're based in Portland and they rotate their designs seasonally, so there's always rad new designs on the way.

    These guys had some stellar embroidered artwork and really, really gorgeous jewelry. If I remember correctly, much of the embroidered work was made with reclaimed textiles, which is really awesome. Also: embroidered Spock?! What's not to love?

    Princess of Patterns
    Sarah's got a huge selection of gorgeous vintage knitting patterns available. Being a fan of both knitting and vintage clothing, I was swooning over her patterns just a wee bit...

    Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress
    These guys had some gorgeous cards but my favorite were the ones pictured above - letterpress notecards with recipes on the front!

    And for good measure, here's a few more photos...

    Brad slings Estrella Soap

    Jess peruses Attic Journals

    Gorgeous yarns from Yarnia

    Adorable laser-cut wooden plant labels from RandL

    Pretty little notebooks at the Jill Bliss booth